Aroha Ceremonies

We are natural space designers and within our primary business Aroha Love, we have a broad range of holistic therapies, workshops, retreats, and ceremonies.  We hold four ceremonies at our space in Ponsonby each month. 

We love offering ceremonies and a safe place for people to come and feel grounded and open to different perspectives, healing with ceremonial grade cacao and sound therapy. 

Aroha Eco-Weddings + Sacred ceremonies are a natural progression for us to offer another branch from the Aroha tree; creating unique ceremonies, providing elements that are heart opening, sensual, sacred, and deeply honouring. We tune in to our client's intention and their personalities to create a beautiful and memorable experience.

Vow renewals, anniversaries, birthdays, sacred unions, and naming ceremonies are a few of the special life events that we have had the pleasure to create. Let us design an unforgettable and unique ceremony for you! 


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