Aroha Black

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Aroha Black represents deep love. A decadent blend of pure Rose essential oil and Black rose and Oud fragrance oils. This is a rose delight and is a permanent edition to the Aroha Candle collection. Aroha Black comes in a deep black jar with gold lid and our Aroha heart logo.

Aroha Black is a beautiful and powerfully uplifting candle. Pure Rose essential oil is the most energetically vibrant oil, stimulating the mind and increasing a sense of wellbeing. Rose brings balance and harmony into our lives and roses are known as the flower of love. Blended with Black Rose and Oud (Oud, in Arabian ‘Oudh, is highly valued by perfumers for its sweet, woody, aromatic and complex scent. The oil or resin is added in a perfume composition, most often as a base note) fragrance oil brings depth and mystery to the magical Aroha Black Candle. Roses!