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eco-weddings & sacred ceremonies

~   designing eco-celebrations for the non-traditional couple   ~

The Aroha team is delighted to offer couples the opportunity to celebrate their connection
and love with our bespoke weddings, events and celebrations that encompass an eco-friendly focus.

All Aroha celebrations are designed to be unique, alternative, green, beautiful and low stress.
Our intention is to create conscious and meaningful gatherings that are celebrated with nature and purpose.

We work with you to create beautiful memories that honour your vision,
your individuality and our earth.

We are inspired by nature and are passionate about
creating beautiful designs in natural places.


~   an Aroha Love story   ~

Preparing for your sacred celebration should be meaningful, peaceful and low stress. Talk with us
about your vision and we will introduce you to the sacred, nature filled places where
couples can begin their journey and where future memories will remain.

Share your thoughts and insights with us and we can create a magical,
one of a kind experience for you and your loved ones.

Connection and communication are a big part of the Aroha offering. We love to experiment, each time creating a one of a kind event.

We cherish working with our conscious community of nature lovers to create a sacred ceremony, honouring
your love, the environment and the footprints we leave on our earth.

peace, love & soul food

mind & body connection

With a wedding planned for November I am just so excited to add an extra layer of love; a large Aroha candle will be lit during the ceremony, as a symbol of joining our beautiful crazy family, and the petite Aroha Candle will be the wedding gift to our guests, as a symbol of love for each other and for our guests.

Anna Van Meygaarden, Auckland

This was one of the most special, beautiful weekends of my life… more than I could have ever imagined. I will highly recommend this sacred way to people who want to break through their wounds and protective layers, restore love and deep connection, celebrate sacred union and truly honour each other with love. Thank you so much for being willing to tread where many would dare not… a priceless gift!!

Kaylene Delaney, Australia


~   design and styling services for your celebration   ~

Connection and communication are an essential element of what Aroha offers.
We prefer to source local suppliers and support smaller businesses that are like-minded nature lovers, working in harmony with your style, your budget, and your personalities.