Our Story

The Aroha team is delighted to offer couples the opportunity to celebrate their connection and love with our bespoke weddings, events and celebrations that encompass an eco-friendly focus.

We are inspired by nature and are passionate about creating beautiful designs in natural places.

Aroha Eco-Weddings designers have over 12 years’ experience running a successful Holistic therapies business + shop located on the border of Grey Lynn and Ponsonby, Auckland (Aroha Love).

Benton and Rosanna’s experience has been caring for individuals in an intuitive, healing way within their business, Aroha Love. They are naturally skilled in planning, organising, and facilitating workshops, events, and retreats, both here in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

The Aroha team excel in nurturing people back to a state of peace, balance, and wellness. Both Rosanna and Benton practice daily meditation, Kundalini Yoga and have creative hobbies that support their intention to bring peacefulness and joy to the entire planning process.

Rosanna and Benton are both insightful and visual creatives with a strong love of, and connection to our natural environment.

Whakanui i a Papatūānuku, kia pure i nga mea katoa.

- Celebrate Earth mother, thus rendering all things sacred.

What Wedding Design is To Us

From the initial meeting we have with our couples, we are visualising moods, styles, settings, tones, textures, design, sounds and tastes. The possibilities are endless, and the result of our creative process manifests from meditation, visualisation, feeling and action.

The essence of each event comes from our couples. We find out who they are and what matters to them, their unique connection is the foundation of everything we create. Trust and openness are essential ingredients for breath-taking unique designs.

Rosanna is an intuitive healer, practitioner of ancient bodywork therapies, and Healing Bellydance teacher. Benton is a healer and manages our product creations and shop. Both Rosanna and Benton are Reiki master teachers, and their combined strengths are defined from many years of experience, working with people in both corporate environments and in their holistic therapies business.