nature lover

giving back & conscious living

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees." - Henry David Thoreau


We started Aroha Eco-Weddings with the intention of supporting our beautiful natural environment here in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and, learning more about how to do this more effectively whilst designing beautiful nature inspired celebrations. Another part of our intention is to support other like-minded businesses that are doing their best for nature and our environment. We collaborate with florists that are foragers and ethical suppliers that are conscious about the sustainability of our earth.

Currently we support our friends at Sustainable Coastlines New Zealand. We are joining forces with Sustainable Coastlines and will donate $250 for every wedding booked with us.  A wonderful opportunity for us to help raise consciousness around our oceans and rivers, and coastal native tree planting.

"Choose only one master—nature." - Rembrandt

About Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines is a multi-award winning, strictly a-political New Zealand charity, founded in April 2009. We have a proud history of successfully designing and executing large scale, environmental projects across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Since establishment we have educated over 222,127 people, motivated more than 102,6610 volunteers to remove over 1.5 million litres of rubbish from our coastlines. We have also planted over 163,000 native trees to clean up our waterways.

Our work has received several, high profile accolades including the Supreme Green Ribbon Award, the most prestigious environmental award in New Zealand. Over the last ten years, the organisation has built an extremely strong brand that has rapidly became a highly recognisable symbol of best practice creative problem solving in the non-profit space.

This success has led to demand for our programs from multiple sectors of the community and in several countries around the world. We are now building programmes that intend to meet this demand through a capacity development approach, where we create, test, prove and publish tools that we then train and support people to use.

All of the materials we build are for the purposes of inspired people, healthy water and beautiful beaches and are open sourced so as to deliver maximum return on investment for our charitable causes.

Our mission is to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love.

We love our coasts and we work with our sleeves rolled up to keep them beautiful. We coordinate and support large-scale coastal clean-up events, educational programs, public awareness campaigns and riparian planting projects. We also help groups run their own events. Through these efforts we motivate volunteers and communities around Aotearoa and the Pacific to look after the beaches and rivers we love.